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2015年英语专业四级听力真题 演讲

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Speech during Freshmen's Week

I would first of all like to welcome you all to the college. I know you have all worked hard in order to get here and I hope you will find all your effort has been worthwhile and that we will be able to help you achieve your ambitions as far as possible. Please make use of our facilities to the full and if you are in any doubt of what we have to offer, please do not hesitate to ask, I would like to make clear to you your part of the contract, which you must fulfil if you wish us to fulfil ours. Learning, as I'm sure you realise is a two way process and without a significant investment from you, all our efforts will come to nothing.
Now,about class attendance. You are required to attend 80% of classes. If you do not do so, we will not be able to give you a certificate of attendance should you require one for any particular purpose. In other words, we will not regard you as having followed the course at all. The compulsory courses are those classes you take in your assigned groups. In a minute, Mr. Lucas will tell you which group you are in. The extra, individual work available in the laboratory or the computer room is, of course, optional. In addition to classwork, you are supposed to put in 3-4 hours a day of private study.
This year we have changed our methods of assessment, in an effort to get away from the formal examination and move towards a system which better reflects work done throughout the year. You are required to hand in 5 pieces of written work as part of your final assessment — these you may choose from your class assignments. At the end of the course there will a formal examination consisting of 3 three-hour papers. You do not have to take the last of these — you can submit a 10,000 word extended essay instead. You should discuss the title of this with your tutor. You can obtain more details about the examination from your tutor. On a more practical note, we do not want to have too many rules and regulations, but for the sake of public safety and comfort there must be some. It is expressly forbidden to smoke in the classrooms as this poses a fire hazard. We also ask that you do not take food and drink into the classrooms.
今年我们改变了考核方法,我们脱离了正式考试,转而采用一种能更好反映全年学习效果的系统。你们要上交五份书面作业,作为期末评定的一部分,书面作业可以从课堂作业中选择。课程结束以后会有正规考试,要求完成三场三个小时的考试。你们可以不用参加最后一项,但是要交一份1万字的 拓展性论文。你们要和辅导老师讨论题目。也可以从辅导老师那里得到有关考试的详细信息。从实用观点来说,我们不希望制定太多规章制度,不过出于公共安全和舒适性考虑,规章制度是必要的。严禁在教室里吸烟,因为存在火灾隐患。而且也不能将食物和饮料带进教室。
About your dorm. You are not permitted to put up overnight guests in your rooms. Similarly, we can't allow you to entertain more than 5 guests during the day in your rooms, as this causes a disturbance. If you wish to hold larger parties, please reserve the common room for that purpose. We hope that you will find these rules reasonable and enjoy your stay with us. I will now hand you back to Miss Johnson, who will assign you to your groups.


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reasonable ['ri:znəbl]


adj. 合理的,适度的,通情达理的

reserve [ri'zə:v]


n. 预备品,贮存,候补
n. 克制,含蓄

contract ['kɔntrækt,kən'trækt]


n. 合同,契约,婚约,合约
v. 订合同,缩

achieve [ə'tʃi:v]


v. 完成,达到,实现

tutor ['tju:tə]


n. 家庭教师,导师
v. 当家庭教师,当导师

overnight ['əuvə'nait]


n. 前晚
adj. 通宵的,晚上的,前夜的<

worthwhile ['wə:θ'wail]


adj. 值得(做)的

particular [pə'tikjulə]


adj. 特殊的,特别的,特定的,挑剔的

obtain [əb'tein]


vt. 获得,得到
vi. 通用,流行,存在

entertain [.entə'tein]


v. 娱乐,招待,怀抱



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